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Digital caricature 48×33 cm

Rob Zombie is known to have founded the band alternative metal White Zombie. After the dissolution of the group is dedicated to the solo career publishing various albums. As a fan of horror cinema, has embarked on the career of director, directing some movies and the remake of  Halloween. I like his music and his movies.


Digital caricature 48×33 cm

Quentin Tarantino has revolutionized the way of making movies. He is a fan of Italian cinema and I wanted to pay homage to thinking of him as a modern Frankenstein’s monster.

Digital caricature 33×48 cm

Motorhead are a British band of hard rock and Lemmy Kilmister is the leader of the group. They were formed in 1975 and still kick ass  around the world.

Digital caricature 48×33 cm

Marty Feldman was a British actor very famous at home. He has worked in many television and radio shows, but the worldwide success came with the role of Igor in Mel Brook’s “Young Frankenstein”.